Circle Circus @ The Palaestra

Circle Circus was created to be a fun environment that enhances health, both physically and mentally  using circus apparatus such as aerial silk, lyra, rope, trapeze, hula hoops, and juggling. Please call 972-620-9922 to schedule a class today, or click here to send an email.

Circle Circus

Circle Circus for Children focuses on movement education, spatial awarness, basic and advanced locomotor and non-locomotor skills to enhance your child's strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination through aerial and ground acrobatics. Your child will also learn how to reach and set new gaols improving cognitive development, self confidence, and responsibility.

Silk Yoga

Silk Yoga improves strength and flexibility through flowing yoga postures. The use of the silk to support your body weight helps the beginner improve on postures that are currently difficult. For more advanced yogis, the silk can be used to decrease stability in some postures, causing activiation on different muscles to hold the posture. The silk also creates oppurtunities for more advanced inversions.