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About Us

We offer individualized instruction in Developmental Gymnastics, Movement Education, Tumbling, Trampoline and Traditional Gymnastics. It's never too early to improve your child's balance, flexibility, and confidence.  Our Instruction begins around the time children begin to crawl or walk, and can continue throughout high school or college.

Our mission... The Palaestra promotes smiles, laughter and a life-long love of movement for every child. 

The Palaestra


noun - a place in ancient Greece devoted to the training of athletes.

The Palaestra stimulates interest and introduces challenges to develop a strong foundation for physical and mental growth. Our creative space makes learning individualized and fun! We believe skill progression should be controlled by the child's own development, and utilize games, music, and exploration to continuously peak your child's imagination.


Our Offerings


Personalized one-on-one lessons: all ages

Awesome private parties: 2 years and up

Camps: 2 years and up

Playgroup: crawling to 12 years & parent

Open Gym: 7 years & up (not currently offered)

Our Facilities

Our world-class facility houses premium and safe instructional equipment, including...

Trampoline and Tumbling Equipment:

3 competitive above ground trampolines

1 string bed above ground trampoline

3 in-ground string bed trampolines

3 double mini trampolines (2 in the foam pit)

100' rod floor

Women's Equipment:

1 competitive vaulting table

3 sets of uneven bars

4 competitive balance beams

(multiple other training balance beams)

1 competitive spring floor

Men's Equipment:

1 competitive spring floor

1 pommel horse

2 competitive sets of still rings

1 competitive vaulting table

1 set of competitive parallel bars

1 competitive high bar

Additional Recreational Gymnastics Equipment:

1 beginning vault station

Kid-Fit bar circuit

4 low balance beams

2" foam mat spaces for floor drills and skills

70' tumble track

20' air floor

4 above ground black bed trampolines

4 aerial silks

large foam pit

multiple training mats and dots to make things fun!

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