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One-on-one lessons are offered for children and adults who want to work on a specific skill(s) or progress a little faster.​ Click on the "email icon" button below to email us and book your one-on-one lesson today.

One-on-one lessons are available during normal operating times. All participants must have PARTICIPANT CONSENT TO PARTICIPATION; RELEASE FROM LIABILITY; ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT; CONSENT TO MEDICAL TREATMENT, ENROLLMENT, AND RULES AND POLICIES FORMS signed and completed via the Jackrabbit portal before participating in a One-on-one Lesson (only one student). 

All payments must be in advance of the lesson with separate checks to the Instructor and The Palaestra. The Palaestra annual registration fee is due at the first private lesson.


One Hour Private Lesson Fee $80.00 ($20.00 gym/$60.00 coach)

Half Hour Private Lesson Fee $45.00 ($10.00 gym/$35.00 coach)

Should your child or adult have special needs, please contact Balanced Creations, PLLC. The Palaestra and Balanced Creations work in concert to help any person with special needs reach their gymnastics and fitness goals.

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